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PDF (Portable Document Format)

PDF (short for Portable Document Format) was created as a format that is a digital equivalent of documents. In this format, all elements of the document are saved as an image, which is composed of individual elements (text, graphics) and their settings (fonts, layout, etc.). With PDF, you can do everything you need as with a regular document — view, edit, print, send to other people.

To view PDF files, there are many programs. The most popular of them is the official program from the company-developer of the format - Adobe Reader (or the paid version of Adobe Acrobat). There are also various plug-ins for Internet browsers, as well as mini-programs for viewing embedded in the web pages.

Files with the .pdf extension can consist of several pages combined into one document, which is very convenient. But if you need to convert the document pages into separate images, it is more convenient to use the JPG format, instead of PDF.
File type: Document
File extension: .pdf
Developed by: Adobe Systems
Initial release: June 15, 1993

JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

A JPEG file is a bitmap (raster) image format that can be opened in almost any photo viewing application. This is the most common graphic format on the Internet. Thanks to compression technology, JPG files can take up much less space than other common graphic files. At the same time, the image quality is maintained at a fairly good level. However, it is worth remembering that with repeated or too intensive compression, defects may appear in the image.

The need to convert PDF to JPG may arise when the user needs to receive images of each page separately as a graphic file. As a result of this conversion, you will receive each page of the document as an image with the .jpg extension.
File type: Image
File extension: .jpg, .jpeg
Developed by: Joint Photographic Experts Group
Initial release: September 18, 1992